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  • 25HP Multifuction Crawler Tractor For Dry land And Paddy Field

25HP Multifuction Crawler Tractor For Dry land And Paddy Field

  • Model No.: CT25HPSH

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Mode Nol.: CT25HPSH

This tractor is used on the dry land or the paddy field.


Engine brand: Quanchai/Changchai/Laidong

Weight: 850kgs

Power: 25hp

Oil consumption: 1 liter/mu

Transmission mode: gear transmission

Track size: width 250mm, 84x42

Gear: 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gear, a total of 8 high and low speed gears

Walking speed: 10km/h

Working speed: 1-2mu/h

Air filter: oil filter

Water tank: dry pot type , water tank can not be short of water

Standard attachement:

Rotary tillage: width 100cm

Ditching machine: depth 20cm, width 20cm

Weeding machine: width 90cm

Bakfill: width 90cm

Gearbox: Customized pure gear gearbox

Engine speed: 2200rpm

The following attachments are optional.

A.     simple engeering bucket: 

B.     wheel loader bucket: 

C.     excavator bucket: 

D.    ridger: 

E.     sobean and corn planter: 

F.      wheat planter: 

G.    strawberry ridger: 

H.    single plow: 

I.        double plow: 

J.       three plow: 

K.     grape vine buring machine: 

L.      corn straw crushing and returning machine: 

M.  digging and fertilzing machine: 

N.    potato harvester: 

O.    gasoline sprayer: 

P.     plastic mulch layer: 

Q.    auger: 

R.     corn harvester

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