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  • Wheel Excavator TXPXW-104

Wheel Excavator TXPXW-104

  • Model No.: TXPXW-104


Mode No.: TXPXW-104

Size: 6635x1250x1920mm

Empty weight: 7.2t

Tractive force:55kn

Power: 52kw

Speed (full loading): 0-12kw/h (two way)


The frame-type boom is adopted, which is powerful, and can well adapt to small-section operations, and meets the needs of bucket pitching and swinging operations. The jib structure is compact, the force is more concentrated, the action is more stable, the turning radius is small, and the transition is flexible, which can meet the needs of mine and roadway operations to the greatest extent.

The bucket is specially designed for mining, which can not only clean up the broken parts, but also protect the original tunnel slab from damage as much as possible.

Widely used for cleaning ditch, slag and other operations in the roadway, safe, reliable and easy to use.

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