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  • Diesel Scooptram TXC-1.5

Diesel Scooptram TXC-1.5

  • Model No.: TXC-1.5


Mode No.: TXC-1.5

Size:6645x1638x2086mm (shipping status)

Rated load weight: 3t

Bucket capacity: 1.5m3

Empty weight: 11.6t

Shovel pickup force: 75kn

Tractive force: 85kn

Power: 84kw

Speed (full loading): 0-20kw/h (two way)


The fully enclosed wet brake device, the pressure is relieved or the machine stops immediately, braking immediately, which is safer and more reliable;

Full hydraulic control driving reversing, speed regulation system, quick and sensitive response;

Large ground clearance, strong passing capacity, high unloading height, suitable for loading various ore transportation equipment

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