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  • Electric Scooptram TXC-360E

Electric Scooptram TXC-360E

  • Model No.: TXC-360E


Mode No.: TXC-360E

Size: 8550x2150x2057mm (shipping status)

Rated load weight: 6t

Bucket capacity: 3m3

Empty weight: 18.5t

Shovel pickup force: 100kn

Tractive force: 150kn

Power: 90kw

Speed (full loading): 0-10.2kw/h (two way)


Full-disc wet brake device, brake immediately when the pressure is relieved or shut down, which is safer and more reliable;

 Using electric motor as power source, no pollution, low energy consumption, plateau motor can be optional in high altitude areas;

 The electrical system is waterproof and moisture-proof designed to adapt to high temperature and humidity underground conditions;

 The cable retraction is controlled by the hydraulic cable valve, which effectively protects the cable from excessive stretching and prolongs the service life.

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