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  • Electric Scooptram 1 Yard3

Electric Scooptram 1 Yard3

  • TXCY-0.75D

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What is the main feature and characteristic of our electric scooptram?

1. Three-phase AC motor: low noise, low energy consumption, zero pollution.

2. The rear frame can be detachable.

3. Our small electric LHD has compact structure, easy and flexible operation.

4. Cable automatic retraction, overtravel limit protection, leakage protection, free work.

5. Adopt imported hydrostatic mechanical transmission system.

6. Full hydraulic steering, four wheel drive, aumatic transmission.

7. Low body for narrow or muddy roadway.

8. Spring brake, hydraulic release.

9. Our brand is named Chinese Famous Brand.

10. We have already produced the scooptram for more than 20 years.

11. Our factory is the biggest manufacturer of the underground LHD loader in China.

12. We have got 11 patents for our mining scooptrams.

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Model   No.:TXCY-0.75D

Electric motor: 


Bucket volume: 


Rated capacity:


Max. shovel force: 


Max. traction: 


Running speed: 


Max .discharge height : 


Max. rotation angle: 


Machine weight 




Min. turning radius:


Rear axle swing


Departure angle


Min. ground clearance: 




Shovel depth




Cable length



5710 *1295*1920mm


electric LHD-diagram1.jpg


machine picture.jpg







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Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a group company including 3 factories and 1 exporting company manufacturing underground trackless and mining equipment and heavy equipment on construction site since 1998.

Q: Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

A: Certainly, we have video of every standard machine and can send it to you by Email.

Q: How can I pay my order?

A: We accept T/T or  irrecable LC at sight

Q: Do you have any certificate?

We have passed ISO9001:2008, CE certificate and Chinese Famous Brand certificate.

Q: When your company was found?

A: LZM was established in 1998.

Q: Why your price is higher than many suppliers in China?

A: High price usually means high quality. We not only offer you the underground machiney and construction machinery with good quality, but also give you best after-sale-service. 

Q: How about your warannty?

  1. The technical support is permanent.

  2. Warranty time is one year. If there is any problem with our products, we will send you the parts for free express.

  3. We have dealers in some countries to offer part and service.

scooptram knowledge.png

1. What is the scooptram? 

Scooptram is also called Load Haul Dump (LHD) machine or underground loader. It is an underground vehicle in the underground mining equipment. 

2. What do the scooptrams do in the underground mining machinery?

The scooptrams are mainly used to shovel and transport the materials or ore in the mine. The scooptram belongs to one of underground trackless machines. Almost the gold mining companies need the  scooptram as gold mining equipment. The underground loader is widely used with the underground dump truck.

3.Where are the scooptram manufacturers, dealers and factories?

There are many dealers who sell scooptrams in many countries. For example, there are the scooptrams for sale in Peru, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Chile, Pakistan, America, Canada, Africa and other countries. For the manufacturer of the world famous brands of the scooptram, they are Scandivik, atlas capco st1030 and cartipilliar (cat). Their quality is very good but their price is very high. For the manufacturers of Chinese Famous Brand of the scooptrams, such as, LZM is the top manufacturer of the scooptram in China. LZM wins a lot of mining companies and dealers to wholesale or buy the electric scooptram, diesel scooptrams and underground mining truck by its high quality and competitive price list.

4. How many kinds of scooptram are there?

According to scooptram power, there are two kinds. One is the electric scooptram, the other is the diesel scooptram.

According to the bucket capacity of the scooptram, they are many kinds, including mini 1 yard, small 1.5 yds, 2 yds, 2.5 yds, 3 yds, 3.5 yds, 4 yds, 5 yds, 6 yds, 8 yds and 10 yds or 1 yarda, 1.5 yardas, 2 yardas, 3 yardas, 3.5 yardas, 4 yardas, 5 yardas, 6 yardas, 8 yardas and 10 yardas scooptram.

According to the loading weight of the scooptram bucket, they includes 2 ton (2T), 3 ton (3T), 4 ton (4T), 6 ton (6T), 8 ton (8T), 10 ton (10T) and 12 ton (12T).

As the best popular lis of underground mining equipment, the LHD scoop will more and more be used in the mines in the near future.